Instagram’s new app allows you to tan on Instagram

In a big move, Instagram is now allowing users to wear a tanning towel in its new app.

Users will be able to download the app and choose from a selection of different ways to tan.

Users can apply the towel to the skin, place it on their face, and then apply it to the face to achieve the same effect.

Users who opt to do both will also have access to more advanced functions such as UV filters and skin smoothing.

Users may also choose to upload photos of themselves in a tan line, which can then be used as a tutorial or inspiration for future clients.

The app will also offer skin-tightening creams and masks for use on the skin.

The tanning experience is similar to that of Instagram’s own Instagram 360, a 360-degree 360-angle camera-based product which lets users get a virtual tan.

The company has previously offered a range of skin-care products, but it is likely that this is the first time a camera-enabled product has been available on the app.

Instagram has previously announced plans to add a range, including skincare and makeup, as part of its ambitious expansion into fitness, and it has already launched a fitness-focused Instagram-branded app for women, called MyFitnessPal.

Instagram previously launched a 360 degree camera-ready Instagram-style camera app, called Instagram 360 for Men, which was launched in August 2018.

This was also the first Instagram 360-enabled camera-compatible product.

The Instagram 360 product was launched on April 14, 2019.