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How to get more bang for your buck when shopping for smartphones

The trend for high-end smartphones has reached a fever pitch and the new generation of devices is getting more expensive every year.

The smartphone boom has made the old smartphones obsolete and, as a result, we’re seeing more and more smartphones get into the hands of the poor and people who don’t own an Apple or Google device.

But for the people who do own these phones, the trend isn’t just a matter of making the device even more expensive.

The trend is actually making them more valuable to the people buying them.

As a result of the boom, Apple and Google are investing heavily in research to develop new technologies that would make their devices even more attractive to the poor.

That’s good news for the poor, as well as the companies that are making them.

Apple has been spending millions on the development of next-generation iPhones, but the new iPhones, which come with more powerful processors, are selling at a lower price point than previous iPhones, according to a Bloomberg report.

Google has also invested heavily in new technology that could make the iPhone even more appealing to the wealthy.

Apple is not alone in this trend.

The high-tech giant is also investing heavily on software development, and its Android operating system is getting even better at finding apps that will appeal to the rich and powerful.

But the iPhone isn’t the only high-profile high-quality smartphone that has become more expensive in the last few years.

The average price of a smartphone has more than doubled since 2009.

Here are the best-selling smartphones of 2017: