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Sun tanning: I need to do more, Sun

Tanning is a popular option for women to get a more tan, as the sun’s rays can penetrate more deeply into the skin.

But some experts say it’s time for more women to take up the tanning habit.

Sun tanning is used to get rid of dark spots on the skin, and can also help improve the appearance of your skin.

This is the first time that researchers have found a link between tanning and a shorter lifespan.

But Dr Rui Wang, a dermatologist at the University of Sydney, said there were still concerns about the benefits of tanning.

“We have to be careful, it is not proven that it reduces the risk of skin cancer, but it can be used to enhance the skin’s natural ageing process,” he said.

“In terms of the potential side effects, there is currently no scientific evidence that this method can cause adverse health effects.”

But the findings were not universally positive.

“The findings do not demonstrate that tanning causes a longer life span, but that it improves the skin quality and that the results are consistent with those of natural ageing,” Dr Wang said.

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