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Which is the best tanning bed for your skincare needs?

A pair of tanning beds with a combined price of $5,000 may not seem like a lot of money, but if you’re in the market for one of the best and most versatile tanning treatments on the market, you’ll definitely want to give it a try.

Tanologist Express Tanning Bed ($5,500) is the second best-selling Tanning bed in the U.S. according to data from NPD Group, and it features a large, flat, padded pad that is great for a quick, easy and affordable treatment.

The tanning pad is a large-format, high-tech piece of plastic that has a metal rim and is lined with silicone rubber.

The silicone rubber pad is coated with a hard-wearing protective layer that absorbs the heat from the tanning surface and helps keep the skin moist.

This is important because it is the layer of the pad that gives the tan a more “natural” look, making it easier for you to remove your skin.

The Tanologist express Tanning Pad is also available in a variety of shades, and you can choose between a matte or shimmery finish.

The shade choices are also really wide and can be custom-made for your skin tone.

The pad comes in several different sizes, so you can tailor it to your needs and the amount of tan you want.

You can also add some more fabric, such as a padded cushion, to make your bed even bigger and longer.

The price for the Tanologist tanning pads is not cheap.

The standard model is $5.99, but the tan-friendly Express Tanner (shown here) can go for $8,995 and comes with two additional pads.

You will have to pay extra for a premium pad that comes with a special-purpose, adjustable silicone pad, as well as a cushion and a removable cover.

Both pads are available in five different color options.

The Express Tanners $5K Tanning Kit is a two-piece, tanning kit with a custom-designed cushion and an adjustable silicone rubber cover.

The kit comes with six pads, which include the Express Taner and Tanologist Tanning Pro, which are all adjustable and provide the best fit.

Both of these products are also available at Target.

Tanology Express Tannery Pad is available at Walmart and Target.

The $4K Tanologist Premium Tanning System (shown below) comes with four tanning strips, a cushion, a gel-filled gel-rubber pad and a retractable, padded gel-cover pad.

The pads come with a unique cover that can be customized to the skin type you prefer, but most people prefer to use the pad as a standard-sized pad.

You also can customize the cover by adding fabric.

The product comes in a wide range of shades and price points.

Tanologists $4,500 Tanning pad $4.99 Tanologist $5X Tanning pads are the most popular options for tanning kits.

This kit comes in five colors: red, green, blue, purple and pink.

The four-piece kit is available in red, purple, blue and pink, and each kit comes equipped with two pads and a cushion.

The pink pad comes with an adjustable pad that can accommodate different skin types.

The Blue Tanology Tanning Mat (shown above) comes in red and purple, but comes with three different color choices, so it is great if you want to use it in different shades of pink or blue.

The three-piece Tanologist Kit comes in white, yellow and blue, and all three are included with the Tanology pad.

It also comes with adjustable pads that are designed to fit different skin tones.

The most affordable Tanology pads come in $2,000, and the $4P Tanologist Ultra Tan Kit comes with both the Express and Tanology products, so if you have a different skin tone, this is the kit for you.

These pads are also made to fit a wide variety of skin types and are also designed to be comfortable for both the male and female skin.

In addition to the Express pads, there are also three other tanning systems in this range: the $5 Tanologist Flex Tan System, the $3 Tanologist Perfect Tan System and the Tanologists Pro Tanning system.

Tanological Tanology Ultra Tan Pad is $4 for a standard pad, $2 for the Express pad and $2.50 for the Premium pad.

Tanologies $4 and $4X Tanology Premium Tanner Kits come in two- and three-pack options.

This Tanologist Advanced Tanning Pack comes with the Express Kit and Tanologists Advanced Tanner System, which can accommodate skin types ranging from fair to deep.

The Premium Kit comes complete with the three pads and the cushion and the Pro Kit comes to a two pad set for $3,000 and comes to three pads