What it’s like to be a Japanese voice actor

In January, we reported that a group of voice actors were planning to boycott the American voice acting competition SAG-AFTRA because they weren’t allowed to participate in it because they were Japanese.

Well, it turns out that the Japanese voice actors are having a bit of a problem with the SAG’s decision, and the group has created a new petition to try and get the company to reconsider.

The petition has garnered over 100,000 signatures so far, with over 400,000 people supporting it.

The voices in the petition are mostly actors who have performed in Japanese films, and many of them have been vocal about their distaste for SAG.

The group also claims that SAG is trying to “silence” them.

SAG President and CEO Robert S. Kiefer says that the company is “deeply committed to bringing talented Japanese actors to America, and we respect the voices of the actors involved.”

He continues, “We have always taken a very clear stance on promoting and representing talent and diversity in our industry.

As we look ahead to the 2017 competition, we have a number of initiatives we will be implementing to increase representation and diversity.”

If the petition is successful, it could be one step closer to the SAGE team actually having a chance to participate, since they have until May to submit their nominations.

Hopefully this petition will help SAG finally give the Japanese voices a chance at a place at the top of the podium, and not just a bunch of old whiners who are going to keep whining about it until it’s too late.