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Maui tannery launches $150,000 beauty line

Maui, Hawaii, (AP) Maui Tannery, a Maui-based tannery that specializes in luxurious and affordable luxury products, announced Friday that it will offer a $150 million line of luxury products.

The luxury tannery, which was established in 1998, said the new line will offer skin care, hair care, face care and beauty products including the Maui Luxe brand.

The company said it expects to launch a total of 30 products, including 10 in the Mauidou, Maui and Maui Shine brands, by the end of 2019.

It said the line will feature products that include skin care products, hair products, facial products and skincare products.

Maui Tanning said it plans to bring its luxury line to other markets in the future.

It said it has plans to expand into luxury home décor, hair services and accessories.

The new line of Mauidoo, Mauis Shine, Mauidot, Mauipoa and Mauimoo will be available for purchase from Maui’s flagship store, Mauimoa, at its retail locations.

It will also launch its new line, Mauitou, in mid-2018.