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Tano rebels have reportedly shot down an AHK-17 helicopter

Tanning water and other supplies have been the first casualty of the recent civil war in Myanmar, which has seen the rise of an insurgent group called the AHK, and the fall of the military government.

Now, according to local news, a Tanzanian militia is reportedly using AHK helicopters to attack targets.

Tanzania’s Ministry of Defense and its partner agency, the Myanmar Air Force, confirmed the news.

The news comes as Tanzanians and international donors were scrambling to prepare for a potential humanitarian crisis after the government said it had received over 200,000 refugees in the country since last year.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said that the refugee influx from Myanmar was a “national emergency” that would require urgent international support.

However, there is no evidence of a crisis of humanitarian proportions and, according the UNHCR, “the government is providing humanitarian assistance and resources to address the humanitarian needs of its population.”

The Tanzan government has been attempting to bolster its military and national security apparatus in recent months, as it has tried to wrest control of northern Rakhine state, a vast territory that borders China and Myanmar.

The Tanzans government is reportedly deploying tanks and helicopters to counter the growing number of AHK fighters.

The new war has also seen the collapse of an old alliance between the Tanzan military and the Tanzang Government, which had been responsible for the protection of the country’s Buddhist minority and, as a result, its economy.

The AHK and other armed groups are also reportedly vying for control of the lucrative and lucrative trade routes linking the Tanzingas north to Myanmar’s coastal cities of Lhasa and Yangon.

In the past, the Tanzoans have also faced accusations of corruption and mistreatment of refugees in their country.

However now, the government has taken on a new persona.

According to a recent report by the World Economic Forum, “Tanzania has emerged as the first country in Southeast Asia to see a rapid expansion in refugees, with more than 4 million internally displaced people.”

It is unclear whether Tanzanic authorities have begun using the helicopters for their own purposes, as there have been no reported reports of AHKS shooting down a Tanzerian helicopter.

The Myanmar Air Forces said it was investigating the report, but the Tanzeri government has denied involvement.