When Tanning Works for You

LORI TANNING WORKS FOR YOU Tanning is one of the most effective ways to reduce your risk of skin cancer.

In fact, researchers have found that tanning can reduce the risk of melanoma by nearly 60%.

LORISTA TANNER/Getty Images for Tanning Foundation Tanning products and services have been proven to reduce skin cancer risk.

This means that people with melanoma are less likely to develop the disease, and the increased skin barrier around the melanoma is made less likely by tanning.

Tanning can also help with the spread of the disease.

Researchers have found a link between tanning and melanoma spreading, and tanning treatments are available to help reduce the spread.

If you’re concerned about tanning spreading, consider following the following tips: Wear clothing that protects your skin from direct sunlight, which can make it more difficult for melanoma cells to replicate in your body.