What if you could make your own tanning cream?

By David LeveneThe Associated PressNew York (AP) — What if a simple spray can tan your skin without having to wash it or get a tattoo?

That’s the idea behind a new tanning spray that’s already on the market.

A product called TanningDrops is already on sale in the United States and other countries, but the U.S. company hopes to open a distribution center in China and elsewhere soon.

It’s a concept that’s being promoted by Chinese cosmetics giant Diamant, which launched the product on Wednesday at a launch event for a new line of products called Tanner.

The company plans to roll out the products in the U., Canada and the United Kingdom.

The company says the Tanning Drops formula is 100 percent safe and doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients.

Diamant says its product will also be a safer alternative to other brands of tanning creams.

It has said it has no intention of selling to anyone other than dermatologists and skin care professionals.

It said it plans to release the Tanner line in the coming months.

The Tanning Drops is a simple, aerosolized spray that comes in a bottle that can be spray-dried or applied as a sponge to the skin.

The formulation is designed to reduce the appearance of dark spots on the skin, and it’s meant to work better on sensitive skin.

Diamants said the product works by drying the skin in a spray and allowing it to dry out.

The result is a product that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, it said.

The product costs $39.99 for a 50-ounce bottle.

Diasant says the spray has been tested on people with dry skin, oily skin and people with moderate to severe acne.

The formula also worked well on the hands of people with mild to moderate skin problems, including acne and mild to mild eczema.

The formula is intended to be used by adults of all ages and is free of sulfates, alcohol and parabens.

It contains ingredients that are safe for pregnant women, children and the elderly, and there are no other restrictions.