Apple’s first ‘personalized’ iPhone 7 is a killer, according to iPhone 7 review

A new iPhone 7 will feature a “personalized” design that will allow users to customize the color of their glass, the size of the display, and more.

The new iPhones have been designed with features that allow people to customize their iPhone’s display and screen size to be as small or large as they like.

But some people will want to customize even more, and the iPhone 7 has an option for a personalized display to go along with the iPhone 6s.

That’s what we found out from a new report that claims that the iPhone 5c and 5s will also feature a personalized display.

It’s not clear if Apple will be introducing a personalization option for the new iPhones.

This is what the iPhone 4s had.

This isn’t exactly the iPhone that you’re used to.

The 5c has a 5.5-inch screen with a curved glass back that is much thinner than the iPhone’s 6s display.

Apple’s iPhone 5s has a 6.9-inch display with a glass back.

Apple claims the display on the iPhone will be smaller than the display of the 5c, which is more than twice as big.

The iPhone 7 Plus is rumored to have a 5-inch 1080p display.

That will be the same screen size as the iPhone 8 Plus.

The screen size of a display is a very important thing to look at, especially when you’re dealing with a smartphone that’s a tablet in its own right.

So, when you are considering a screen size that will be even bigger than the current iPhone, it’s important to keep in mind that you will have to change your smartphone every time you upgrade.

There’s a lot of variables to consider when you decide what kind of display to get.

The OLED display on a smartphone can be a great deal cheaper than a conventional LCD display, but the OLED screen can also be a bit of a pain to put together and to calibrate.

For example, you’ll need a lot more parts to assemble and put together the OLED display than you would a regular LCD display.

There is also a difference between OLED displays and AMOLED displays.

AMOLEN displays are much thinner and thinner than LCDs, and it’s much more difficult to make them work as well as OLEDs.

In fact, it seems like the OLED displays are getting better and better with each generation of the iPhone.

That means that OLED displays will probably get better and more affordable with each year that Apple releases new iPhone models.

The next iPhone will likely get a 5″ OLED display.

In other words, the iPhone X will likely have a display size that’s twice as large as the current one.

However, that display will likely not be the one that you’ll use for most of your day.

Instead, it will likely be the display that is the cheapest option available for you.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will also get a personal OLED display in a smaller display size.

The S8 is a 5″ display with an 8-megapixel camera that has been rumored to be the next iPhone.

The Galaxy S9 Plus will be a 6″ OLED display that will have a 12-megapixels sensor and will have 4K video recording.

The display size of an OLED display is important.

It will also help you decide which phone you want to buy.

The bigger the screen size, the less you’ll have to tweak your smartphone for every new model that comes out.

It also makes the iPhone a more portable device, so you can move your smartphone around with ease.

For those who are not into the whole phone-making thing, you may want to look elsewhere for a smartphone.

The latest rumors suggest that Samsung is working on a 4K-capable smartphone that will not be available until next year.

That is likely because the new phone will be more affordable than the existing phones.

Apple is rumored not to be adding a display to the iPhone, but it’s still unclear if the company will offer a display for the iPhone on the same device.

The biggest change that Apple could make is to make the iPhone bigger.

Apple said that the 5s and 6s would have a “slimmed down” display.

The phone itself is going to get a new design with a “flat-ish” shape.

That would be the phone’s size.

We’re still not sure if the new iPhone will get a curved display or a flat display.

However it will be very similar to the one on the current iPhones, and that would be a very good thing.

The other change that will likely come is to add an Apple Pay feature.

There will likely only be one Apple Pay app on the new devices, so it won’t have to be in addition to the phone app.

We are still not very sure how Apple will do this.

We know that Apple is working to integrate Apple Pay into the iPhone with an Apple Watch, but we haven’t seen any details about that yet.