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Sunless Tanning, a popular sun-dried hair salon in Los Angeles, was forced to close after a dispute with the owners of a nearby salon.

The owners of Sunless, which specializes in sun-grown hair, were approached by a woman claiming to be a stylist at Tana.

The woman also claimed to be affiliated with the New York City-based Black Sun Salon.

The salon owner, a former stripper who is married to the salon owner’s daughter, said she was never contacted by the woman.

But Tana said it was aware of the woman and would not hesitate to take legal action against her, according to the Sunless Instagram account.

Sunless has not announced any charges in connection with the dispute.

Suny, a Los Angeles-based company that sells and installs solar panels on the rooftops of buildings, was not immediately available for comment.

Tana’s lawyer, Mark Schiller, said the dispute was over the salon’s use of a Sunless Sunbait product, not the use of the sun-produced hair.

Sunry is owned by a small family-owned business.

The salon is not connected to the owners or employees of Suny.

Tanas legal department did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday.