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Why a U.S. judge will consider allowing tana macgeau’s uncensured sex tape to be shown in court

A U.N. tribunal has ruled that a sex tape by an alleged Canadian child sexual abuse victim can be shown as part of her trial.

The UN Human Rights Council’s Committee on the Rights of the Child said Monday that Tana Macgeau, 22, was being prosecuted in Canada on charges that include sexual exploitation of a minor and coercion for giving sex to a minor.

The UN panel’s decision to allow Macgeaus videotaped sex to be played in her trial comes amid calls by Canada’s Conservative government to block the release of the tape in the United States.

The video is one of several obtained by CBC News from the late teen’s former boyfriend.

It is part of a case that involves allegations of sexual exploitation, coercion and other sexual misconduct against Macgeaux, who was a 19-year-old high school student when she was sexually assaulted.

Her boyfriend told police that Macgeaugas alleged attackers raped him as he slept, then forced him to watch the sexual acts.

Macgeais has denied the charges.

Her case has drawn criticism from some Canadian Conservatives.

They say the evidence presented in Macgeauga’s trial, which took place over five years, was weak and should not have been allowed to proceed because it is not enough to prove that she knew the sexual assaults occurred.

MacGauges defence lawyer, Robert Gormley, said the tribunal is “completely unqualified” to review the evidence.

The committee said the Canadian government should have notified the UN panel that it would consider whether to allow the tape to appear in the trial.

The Canadian government has argued that allowing the tape would help protect Canada’s reputation.

Macganese, who is due to stand trial in November, faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The ruling came as a result of a legal challenge filed by Macganac’s lawyers to the Canadian Supreme Court.

Macgaugas lawyers have argued that the trial is a “cruel and unusual punishment” and should be halted.