Australia’s Sophie Tan to launch her first bulldog breed

The first Australian bulldog is set to be named Sophie Tan in a bid to kickstart a new breed that’s been overlooked for years.

The Australian Kennel Club (AKC) said Sophie Tan will be the first bull dog born in the country to feature the unique and distinctive French bulldog trait.

The breed was described by the AKC in 2009 and is based on the French bulldogs, which are well known for their aggression and strong-bipedalism.

Bulldogs are a popular breed in Australia, and the AKCs new breed will be available to owners in the state of Queensland.

The AKC said the breed will have a range of attributes including a high degree of intelligence and endurance, a strong build, and a good temperament.

The dog is expected to make its first appearance in the 2018 Australian Bulldog Show.

The dogs will be competing in the New South Wales and Queensland bulldog competitions, the organisation said.

The bulldog has a long history of being used as a security guard, and can also be trained to work as a companion dog.

The new breed was also recognised by the Association of Veterinary Associations of Australia in the past.

The name Sophie Tan was first used in 2014.

The original Sophie Tan breed is called the “Porter-Tan”, and the breed has a longer history.

The French bull dogs were first bred in France, and were brought to Australia in 1894.