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What if there were a “tanned pussy” that only the world’s hottest women would be allowed to wear?

Dan Tasas has been living his life without a vagina for the past 15 years, but that’s about to change.

Dan Tasas says he is now “the first woman in the world” to have an operation to have her genitals removed.

Dan has always had a vagina, and he has always been proud of it.

But his life as a transgender man, and the treatment he received at the hands of the medical establishment, has made it extremely difficult for him to live as a woman.

He says the only people who were able to see his genitals before his operation were doctors, but it has not been easy for him.

Dan says he’s also faced homophobia and racism.

But for years he felt he was never allowed to express his sexuality openly, and it’s made it even more difficult to live his life.

Dan hopes that his story can help others like him, and help raise awareness about gender dysphoria, or a condition where someone feels their gender is fundamentally different from the one they were assigned at birth.

“I feel like I’ve been trapped,” he said.

“I feel trapped in the body that I’ve always felt, and I don’t want to feel trapped anymore.”

Dan says the operation was performed in Australia, but is currently operating in Canada.

His surgeon is now working with a clinic in Canada that specializes in gender transition, and hopes to have the operation done in the US.

“The hope is that it’s done in a country where the procedures are safe and legal, where the government will recognise transgender people and treat them as a person,” said Dr. Michael G. Beutner, an orthopedic surgeon who performed Dan’s surgery.

“We are working on this, we’re working on that.

If the American government recognizes us, we are going to go in the clinic in Toronto, and that is the first step in getting this done.”

If you or anyone you know needs gender reassignment surgery, call the Transgender Health Information Line at 1-800-826-1212.

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